How to solve the emergent situation of aerated concrete production line

People's demand for electricity will rise a lot, whether it's in the howling of winter or summer.
Similarly, the production line of aerated concrete equipment will require a lot of electricity when it is operating.
The cold of the winter has not yet completely subsided, people's electricity consumption is still not small, the situation of electricity in various places more tense.
At this point, if the operation of the aerated concrete production line suddenly power off, what to do? Lontto Machine Mechanical Engineer to give us advice:
Aerated concrete equipment in operation, the production line is also under construction, if suddenly blackout, aerated concrete manufacturers need to do emergency treatment.
First, in the face of this sudden blackout, first of all, consider the safety problem, that is, whether the operator is safe, aerated concrete equipment is safe; second, we need to find all the equipment on the aerated concrete production line, turn off all the system equipment switches into the mixing stage, and prevent the danger that may arise when a sudden call is made. For aerated concrete Cutting clay brick making machine price in india This equipment, suddenly the problem of power outages, it is likely to lead to cut wire break, once the call, the need to immediately cut the car back to the cutting position, if there is not cut out of the body needs to be cut; four, if the grip is in the state of the suspended billet, once the power is cut, Need to pay attention to whether there are people around, to prevent the body fall hit people; five, the entire aerated concrete production line also has a fixed-type casting machine in operation, such as after the addition of aluminum powder stopped electricity, but did not stir enough time, do not pour in the mold.
Because has not been stirred many times, the aluminum powder and the slurry is not achieves the true fusion, may put in the mixer the slurry first to import the container to reclaim, facilitates again to use.
Six, is just the fly ash aerated concrete equipment manufacturers have a power failure, because the sudden power loss will cause some raw material losses, but please note that such manufacturers should be concerned about the most personal safety.
Encounter power outages, remember not to panic, need to immediately follow the above steps calmly treatment.
Even if there is equipment or production losses, as well as possible, to minimize the loss, the most important thing is to avoid the occurrence of safety accidents.
Lontto machine Machinery as a aerated concrete equipment manufacturer, to provide you with quality products and a full range of services to ensure customer investment interests.
06.08.2018 10:36:24
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