Equipment operation precautions for vacuum brick machine let productivity increase easily

Nowadays, China's scientific and technological development is flourishing, not only can enhance its own technology can also quickly absorb foreign advanced technology, combined to form a perfect production plan, for everyone's life and industrial production has brought stability and effective help, vacuum brick machine equipment is so, Next we'll look at what's going on in the following notes.
Working principle of vacuum brick making machine in india machine equipment:
Vacuum brick machine is mainly used in coal gangue, shale, fly ash, clay and other materials, it mainly uses the wear-resistant metal powder spraying technology, which mainly used clay as raw materials.
The production efficiency of this equipment is very high, and the quality of the brick is very good.
After aging, quenched and tempered, quenching treatment, reducer gear, clutch with the use of screw-type patented technology, can greatly improve the service life of equipment, the design of the equipment is very reasonable, the structure is very close to go, smooth operation, can reduce the operation of the equipment in the process because of the vibration of the power consumption.vacuum brick machine
Vacuum Brick Machine Equipment Note:
First of all, the body of the brick machine is mainly the use of steel, steel castings, such as the overall welding, spindle and mud plate bearing position to carry out a whole one-time machining, the body stability can be very good everyone in the installation and mobile when very convenient.
Vacuum brick press MUD plate bearing box must pay attention to separate set with mud cylinder, concentricity must be set up, so as to ensure that the bearing is not easy to enter the mud, so as to ensure its service life.
Second, the pressure of the mud plate must use the double insurance device, so that the screws will not be broken and fell into the mud cylinder, the impact on production efficiency.
The bearing of the spindle and the gear of the mud plate must be sufficient when running, for it can guarantee that they will not be worn out.
Finally, the main axis of the mechanism used must be floating shaft structure, automatic centering, so in the replacement of the spiral is more convenient.
The above is to the vacuum brick machine equipment Operation notice also work principle introduction, hope these introductions can let everybody to this kind of equipment more understanding, so that everyone in the purchase time not too confused, if you want to know the contents of related equipment, you can login Lontto Machine Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. of the official website for detailed browsing and inquiries.
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